Audition? Who Me? (What a scary thought!)

Published on 05/19/23

David Vale. March 26, 2023

I auditioned for a solo last week. Actually, I auditioned for several of them. Not that I was planning to sing them all. Or even, for that matter, that I was hedging my bets, hoping to improve my chances by auditioning more. But I like to audition.

Am I some sort of nut case?

I don’t think so. I just like to sing and sometimes the things I want to sing turn out to be solos.

We’re all here because we like to sing. And although an audition might seem a scary endeavor, it doesn’t have to be. In my experience, an audition with Allyson and the Valley Voices rarely is.

Last week’s auditions took place in the choir room with about 20-25 choir members in attendance. Most, I believe, were there to audition. Allyson started with a list of songs and we were invited to stand up in front and sing the ones we liked. By ourselves.

Was I scared? Not really.

Why? Because an audition is an experiment. It’s an opportunity to try a song in front of an audience and to see how you feel about doing that. Of course, it’s also an opportunity for Allyson to hear you and see how she feels about it. You might not be selected. Rejection?

Not really. Auditioning is about finding matches, the right person for the right part. Or the right combination of persons for a group of parts. Failing to get a part isn’t a rejection. Just a decision that you’re not the right fit. I’ve been not the right fit enough times that it doesn’t bother me. Much.

Of course I think I want the part, or I wouldn’t be auditioning. So I try my best. But I don’t think I’m ever perfect. My entry is off, my timing is sketchy, I might even miss a note. These things can be fixed. The audition is a search for the right performer, not the most perfect performer. And, frankly, I find the audition process with the Valley Voices fun. The audience, composed of people who are themselves auditioning, is warm and supportive. Mulligans are allowed. If you really screw up, just start over. No penalty. And everyone claps enthusiastically when you’re done. As they should, because every audition is a performance.

I can’t suggest that you audition just for the fun of it. Who knows, you might get the part. And then you’d be expected to do it in concert. But, if you’re willing to take that risk, participating in the audition process is one of the more enjoyable aspects of being in the Valley Voices.

You should try it sometime.