2019 Spring Season

Published on 12/11/18

Join the Valley Voices—There’s Still Time

If you love to sing, we’d love to have you sing with us. Join us this Monday, February 4, at 6:00 p.m. in the choir room of Flathead High School.

You’ll love Allyson Kuechmann, our director. She’s firmly convinced that everyone can be taught to sing, even if they never have. New attached image

We work hard at our rehearsals, but they’re informal and a lot of fun. New attached image

We give a couple formal concerts each season. New attached image

Often to packed houses. New attached image

But some are less formal, like this concert we gave at the Immanuel Lutheran Homes’ Christmas Dinner. New attached image

Regardless of where we sing, we sing for the joy of it. New attached image

And we like spending time together, even when we’re not singing. New attached image New attached image

So, if you’d like of be a part of the Valley Voices, come to our first rehearsal of the season on January 28. Your investment of one night might set you off on a whole new path to enjoyment.